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For Sale: The Marshall Mine / Dorothea Mine
A 20 Acre Patented Gold Mining Property
And the Adjoining Frandor II Claim, ORMC #166409

ASKING PRICE: Not Available, Under Option Contract

Own a historic gold mining property outright and have exclusive rights to the minerals on the adjoining claim. Patented mineral lot properties with a documented history are rare in southern Oregon. A Patented Property means you own the Minerals, the Land, the Trees, everything; its not just a mining claim on the Minerals.

Once renowned for its production and the consistent presence of free gold in its quartz vein systems, recent exploration and assays of surface vein structures confirm the old timers missed a significant amount of easy to mine gold on this property.

In 1974, the report by a registered Geologist stated that a small section of the property alone contained an estimated 100,000 tons of gold ore. There is a lot more unexplored property in it's native state. A very promising zone was discovered after the geologist wrote the report on the quartz blowout zone.

The geologist's report only covered a one section of the property. The property has lots of potential. There are indications of a BONANZA grade zone not covered by the report.

Virgin quartz veins of gold ore are just below the surface:

A stout 5 foot wide vein with 0.374 to 0.402 ounces of gold per ton is easy to access:

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For details about the property please contact Dave Elkin.

His phone number at Rogue Minerals is 1-(541) 291-9325

His email is dave@rogueminerals.com

Additional Information at this website:

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